Main Features

  • High efficiency fan ventilation system (HPV) allowing easy matching with boilers having high combustion chamber pressure
  • Combustion head easy to assemble and adjust for fine set up
  • Single bolt burner fixing with the possibility to firmly secure it to the flange in three different positions for easy maintenance
  • Separate gas train (available for different inlet gas pressure) easy to assemble into the burner
  • The hinge flange allows accessibility to burner head without losing burner settings
  • New control box Thermowatt allowing to improve the interface with service personnel. The digital display (PAB versions) featuring the interactive language with pictograms gives real time information about burner operation and statistics stored during the heating season


  • One stage Low NOx class 3 (NOx <80 mg/kWh) Output (kW)
  • MAX GAS 40, 70 & 105 17,6 - 35,5 Download File
  • Two stages Low NOx class 3 (NOx <80 mg/kWh) Output (kW)
  • MAX GAS 70, 105, 120 PAB 70 - 120kW Download File
  • MAX GAS 170P, 170P AB, 250P & 250 P AB 175 - 240kW Download File
  • MAX GAS 350P, 350P AB, 500P & 500 P AB 200 - 500kW Download File