Main Features

  • MAXFLAM and OILFLAM range work with heavy oil up to 50°E at 50°C with On/Off switch to exclude the circuit heaters in order to operate also with low viscosity heavy oil
  • All burners feature high versatility on different types of domestic, commercial and industrial application
  • Aluminium casing up to OILFLAM 200.1 with electrical panel integrated. Steel casing from 300.1 with electrical cabinet integrated or in loosen form. All burners complete with pre-heater management system
  • Adjustable combustion head for fine-tune regulation and matching with different combustion chamber
  • Two stages version available with electric servomotor with two nozzles from MAXFLAM 30 up to OILFLAM 400.1
  • Progressive or modulating nozzle with flow return. Shut down flow system on the nozzle controlled by coil from OILFLAM 300.1
  • Digital thermoregulator “GEFRAN” integrated on the front panel for granting the temperature stability of the oil fuel from OILFLAM 300.1
  • Self-cleaning filter installed in the pre-heater in order to keep the nozzle clean from OILFLAM 300.1
  • Ring system for oil preparation can be designed and supply on request
  • DUOBLOCK and ELECTRONIC versions are available on request for selected output to match main boilers and industry applications
  • M100 configuration for heavy oil up to 100°E at 50°C is available on request


  • One stage - 50°E fuel viscosity at 50°C Output (kW)
  • MAXFLAM D10 & D20 136 - 227kW
  • Two stages - 50°E fuel viscosity at 50°C Output (kW)
  • MAXFLAM 30 AB & 50 AB 410 - 570kW