Main Features

  • ECOFLAM Duoblock burners (“TS”= Separate Head) have been developed to complete its offer for commercial and industrial combustion solutions
  • Duoblock burners can run with preheated combustion air and save a considerable amount of energy that can be recovered from the hot flues gases by using a heat exchanger in the flue gas system (maximum air temperature 200°C)
  • Construction layout and main features of the duoblock range match the monoblock burners and allow to use the same components and set up tools
  • Burners can be supplied in mechanical progressive modulating operation with PID controller or with electronic compound regulation (BMS) that support also inverter system for speed control and O2 Trim control
  • All TS models feature easy maintenance, access to the combustion head from the housing top cover. Burners can be assembled with air duct connection in different layouts
  • Duoblock burners are suitable for all types of installation and can utilize existing ventilators and overcome high resistance in the heat exchanger or combustion chamber or simply fulfil customers request or industrial application requirements