Main Features

  • Free Flame® - The principle of the Free Flame® Low NOx oil combustion, is based on rapid gasification of the fuel by recirculating the combustion gases internally and allows the fuel-air to mix rapidly. Once the fuel has been vaporized, it will burn and stabilize 30 centimetres from the combustion head
  • Diamond Head® - gas combustion based on the internal recirculation of combustion flue gases, significantly reducing the formation of thermal nitrogen oxides.
  • AGP® (proportional air-gas) system provides perfect stability if the air-gas mixture plus precise control of air excess which is important for high efficiency operation.
  • GEM® - controls the position of one or more activators simultaneously and provides specific information on all the commands and states of the system.
  • Quick Start® is dedicated to industrial applications that requires temperature stability for process and production without any interruption.
  • A RHP® System (recirculation with high performance) is a powerful and quiet ventilation system, which exploits the principle of a re-injection.
  • With the adoption of the IME® (multi-stage injection) up to 6 MW, ELCO guarantees nitrogen oxide emissions less than 80 mg/kWh for natural gas combustion, measured according to the EN 676.
  • Low noise - ELCO has developed quiet burners both by selecting sound absorbent materials, and by treating each noise sources internally.